Wednesday, May 02, 2012

CSI- Season 10

I've been slowly but surely making my way through CSI for a few years now. I can go months between discs while I rent other things (especially now that I'm down to only one disc at a time on Netflix) so it's taking a long time. Last week my husband asked if I'm ever going to finish the show because I've been renting it for so long. It would go a lot faster if it was available for legal streaming somewhere for free/subscription. But there's nowhere that actually has the old show or the episodes I'm on. Which is just stupid. CBS, why are you so dumb?

I'm up to season ten, which means I might actually catch up sometime next year. It also means I'm in the second season of Dr. Langston's run on the show. I thought I would miss Grissam, but by the time he left I was okay with his depature. I wasn't particularly happy about Catherine's beefed up role since I haven't liked her for ages. But I could let Grissam go.

Plus I really like Lawrence Fishburn and I thought his character sounded pretty cool. I was a bit excited for the changing of the guard.

Oh well. I'm so bored by this show right now. I was pretty happy that the show rarely had a "big bad" that carried over throughout episodes. Sometimes a murderer would have a multi-episode arc or somebody would come back. But there was none of this "a serial killer is taunting the team, they'll catch him in the season finale when he almost kills one of them" stuff that is so popular. Not until the Miniature Killer, but that had enough interest and originality that I was okay with it.

Dr. Jekyll is boring. And Langston is boring. I don't know if it's a director thing or something Fishburn chose to do, but he plays everything so mellow that I can't help but think he's nearly emotionless. I know they are hinting that he has some sort of genetic predisposition to murderous rages or something, but that's really not set up well enough for me to even be looking for it to come out.

Besides, they already did the "I have a parent who was crazy and killed somebody" thing with Sarah. Only one genetic murderer per show, please.

I'll keep watching the show, if only because I still love all of the side characters so much. Doc Robbins is really fantastic, and Greg will always be awesome. Plus I'm eager to get to where Catherine leaves to see if it changes things. But overall, I'm generally tired of the show and I'm amazed it's still on the air at this point.