Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Supernatural Rewatch: Halfway through season 1!

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Finally, we're getting some better stories that tie into the overall plot rather than being standard stand alone stories where nothing really happens to change anything.

Home:I was extremely happy that right around the time I was getting really bored with the lack of development the overall story was getting that we got this episode, perfectly timed on the part of the showrunners. It manages to delve into the real meat of the story, and gives Sam something new to talk about (his prophetic dreams) and Dean something new to have to process. Though I find it odd that he has a hard time believing in the dreams, I mean really Dean, look at your life.

The actual poltergeist in the story is a little lame, since that isn't particularly the point of the episode. I enjoyed the psychic and really wished she would come back in a later episode, I thought her character was at least giving the brothers some snappy comebacks that they deserved.

The episode also finally starts really working on the angle with their dad, and the fact that he isn't missing so much as he's avoiding them. This is absolutely vital at this point in the series, because that story line was starting to lose it's power, so it punched it up enough to keep it relevant.

I'm saying that I can't count this as a beautiful girl needing the brother's help never to be seen again, even though the guest star was very pretty, just because they played her up quite a bit as a stand-in for their mom. Thank goodness. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll get out of this pattern.

Asylum: Creepy abandoned mental hospitals are pretty much required for any show like this, at least once. But I did think they did a really good job with this one. The opening teaser was really intriguing and the art direction was really well done. I think the story was more than a little obvious (of COURSE the doctor was part of the problem from the beginning and the ghosts themselves were not trying to hurt people but warn them) but they did it well.

The episode also had the fun teenage couple, where the boyfriend was a completely useless blob (played by the actor who played the useless blob of a boyfriend in season two of Heroes, typecasting?) but the girl was actually efficient and useful. I read on a website that there's speculation that she later became a hunter. Good for her, I'd like to see her come back. I'm not putting her on the list of women who have to be saved since she gets a shotgun, but she came close!

Anyway, the episode actually shows a little bit of what I was talking about when I reviewed Bugs, it took the dynamic between Dean and Sam and took it to a new level. Bugs was just a rehash of the same fight, over and over again. But Asylum took a part of the main storyline and used it to actually enhance that argument and bring it something new, and help start to bring some closure to it (I hope anyway).

Overall, I really liked these two episodes a lot, which was good, because they needed some really good eps to keep me interested at that point.

Supernatural Rewatch Continues!

Don't forget to check the "supernatural rewatch" tag to see all the posts in this series!

Hook Man: We're now 6 out of 7 on "pretty girls in danger that must be saved by the brothers and never will show up again." I found this episode generally boring, and pretty much "done." When it primed the exact same urban legends as the movie Urban Legend, it was just not that much fun anymore. Not to mention that it took them WAY too long to figure out what the actual item was that was causing the Hook Man to appear. "Oh, let's burn everything silver! Except this one silver thing that is practically glowing and jumping in our faces!" Oh well. Anyway, a mostly boring and dull episode, the less said about it the better I think.

Bug: YAY! The random person that has to be saved and is never seen again is a teenage boy! Combo breaker!

Plus this episode manages to bring us a couple different things, even if it was freaking me out the entire time because I hate bugs (there's always a bug episode, isn't there? This show is just reminding me more and more of X-Files every week). I did get a little tired of the brothers having the same fight about their dad all over again, I want them to find new material on this one. Yes, it's important but instead of rehashing the same fight they should be moving on to other things, maybe different ways of looking at it, or something, I don't know. But not just lather, rinse, repeat.

But in general it was an interesting, if gross, episode. The climax was more than a little dumb (like any of that ever would have actually worked to keep those bugs away for an entire night) but I played along and at least kind of enjoyed it. The whole plot felt a little stereotypical on the Native American portrayal, but not so much that I had a major problem with it. But I'm really anxiously awaiting the point where the show gets to overall mythology a little more, these stand-alones are getting old already.