Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Short and Sweet: Freedom of Speech

Sometimes on Tuesdays I'm going to start doing a "short and sweet" column where I try to actually keep it under a paragraph. Here's the first one!

I know a lot of people have been saying this lately, and in many places, but I felt like making it clear on my blog after I got "yelled at" by a couple commenters on another site. Newsflash: in America, freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences or freedom from judgement. You are technically allowed to say whatever idiotic, racist, homophobic, stupid thing that you want to say. But I have every right to point out that you're being idiotic, racist, homophobic, and stupid. I also have every right to change the way I react to you as a person (within boundaries) because of it. I can choose not to support a politician because I disagree with their opinions, so I can do the same for businesses and other people too. Most of the recent "controversies" that people have declared "free speech" issues are not in fact anything to do with free speech. So stop telling me I can't be mad at somebody because "free speech."

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