Tuesday, May 15, 2012

There is no sanctity in bigotry

I enjoy a lot of rights as a natural born, Caucasian, heterosexual, American citizen. These are all things I was born to, and then I have made choices that continue to build my rights-I am married, and Christian as well.

I have those rights and enjoy those benefits through almost no effort on my part.

Which is why I think it is ridiculous that people think that I somehow deserve these rights more than somebody else when the only thing I did was be born, which ultimately I'm not really responsible for either.

Every American citizen deserves equal rights and equal treatment under the law. We can't make exceptions, especially not based on something that is not a universally accepted interpretation of a religious text.

The thing that bothers me most is how often I am told that my heterosexual marriage is being threatened by gay marriage.

If you believe that your marriage is threatened by gay marriage, your marriage is broken and you need to fix yourself or go to counseling or something.

There are only two people in my marriage, and we are the only people who can threaten it. Because that is what a true marriage and a true partnership is.

I'm ashamed of my country right now for not seeing this. I'm ashamed that this bigotry is changing our laws. And I am ashamed that a state can amend their constitution when less than a quarter of their registered voters showed up at the polls.

I have heard all the arguments against gay marriage. I am Christian, and I know more about the Bible than most of the people quoting it. There is no argument or reason that is actually valid or that is rooted in anything other than homophobia.

I'm still waiting for anybody to even give me one bad reason that it is a threat to me.