Friday, February 15, 2008

But I know what I like...

You know, you would think that the art history minor in me would have celebrated this challenge. You would think I would love it. But really? I was kind of bored by it. I think that when they did the inspiration challenge in season two, they nailed it on the head: designers should be inspired by everything around them.

So giving them famous works of art was intriguing but not that fascinating to me. Being inspired by art should be status quo. There was something about the way they were phrasing things, that they were "lucky" to get to be inspired by this didn't make any sense to me.

This episode also made a few things more clear. I'll get into them as I go.

On the one hand, if you put the avant guarde dress and this one side by side, I wouldn't say they were THAT similar. On the other hand: he should have known better.

But really, the similarities to the previous dress weren't what bugged me. To be honest, nobody this season has much of a range. Chris probably has done the most varied work on the show.

What bothered me was that it was practically a direct copy of the inspiration piece. Remember when Andrae took a picture of gutter water and made it a fabulous gown? This was supposed to be about transforming the piece of artwork into something else, and Chris didn't really do that much for it. It was a very literal translation.

It is very lovely though, I will give him that. But I have to say that I'm just sick to death of Chris telling Tim Gunn that he likes his work, and ignoring any advice he's given. "Don't defend the shoe to me!" Every time Tim tells Chris something, Chris ignores it, and then he gets called out for it on the runway.

However I think it's terribly hypocritical of them to be so rude to him about this being similar to ONE other outfit he's made. Rami, Christian, and Jillian have turned in the same outfit over and over again.

I'm so bored with Christian. Where is this talent? Where is this wunderkid? Look, he made skinny black pants, a poofy top, and a short jacket. The sleeves are poofier than usual, sure. But it's still just a more exaggerated version of the same thing he's been making since day one.

I know that the final collections have already been posted, but I like to be surprised so I've only looked at Sweet P's. But if Christian wins with a collection full of skinny, unflattering pants, short jackets, and poofy sleeves, then I will personally write a letter to Bravo telling them to stop abusing my faith in them.

Christian reminds me of Santino with one fundamental difference: once you really looked at it, you realized that most of Santino's problems boiled down to being confident, and putting on an act in order to sell a brand. Christian? I think Christian really is a prissy little drama queen.

I don't think this outfit should have won, because I don't think it's really different at all. I don't even think it's that much of a re-imagining of inspiration piece, it's more of a literal translation. No thank you.

Jillian is also turning in the same outfit over and over, but it took the denim challenge for me to start to realize it. She likes tailored jackets, she likes short skirts and high collars.

The difference is, I think that Jillian's clothes are more wearable, more interesting, and just show more talent. I think she, again, took a more literal approach to creating this outfit, but I think she re-imagined it just enough. Actually, I'm sorely disappointed that everybody went so literal. That is just dull.

I think this outfit was cute and fun, but at the same time it makes me think of ice skaters or maybe ballet dancers. It definitely has a costume vibe to it, but then, so does Christian's. Apparently costume and avant guarde are in the eye of the beholder.

First, let me say that I think this is the best model this season. She is just absolutely gorgeous.

That out of the way, Rami had a chance and he failed it. I can understand his point: why should he compromise who he is as a designer?

The answer? To win the competition. If he wants to be known as the designer you go to for drapy-grecian dresses? That's fantastic. Plenty of designers only really do one thing (See Christian and Jillian), but that should be what you do in a COMPETITION. We know he's good at other things, he's done really great tailored work, he just doesn't LIKE to. But isn't something like Project Runway about the challenge in the end?

This is a beautiful dress. I think it is downright gorgeous and I can find very little to say against it. It was interesting, it was different, it was fun. The color is stunning. As much as I'm tired of Rami's draping, and his attitude about it, I wouldn't have even been upset if this dress had won.

It is, again, far too literal for the inspiration. I really hope he learned his lesson before he made his collection.

Poor Sweet P. I really just think she was out of her depth once she got to this point in the show. It wasn't anything to do with her model being late, it was that the dress itself is just not up the level of everybody else's pieces.

I could make this dress. I try not to say that, but I could. It wouldn't be that hard, but I wouldn't actually do it because it doesn't look that good either. There's just something odd about it, something off.

I think she's the only person that didn't go literal with her inspiration, and went so far afield you can't see it at all. She needed some sort of train, at the very least (thanks Shoka for the suggestion). It doesn't bring to mind "peacock" at all.

Also, it makes the model's hips look large. It's not a very flattering silhouette at all.

One thing I have to say though: of everybody this season, I think Sweet P would be one of the first I would personally hire if I was a rich eccentric. She's full of self-doubt, and that hampers her work in the show, but when she goes for the gusto she really nails it.

I still think she and Elisa should start a line together.

Next week is the reunion show! I probably won't have much commentary on that, since I _try_ to focus on the clothes. But we'll see. Not too long and this blog will return to your regularly scheduled book and movie reviews!

Also: a quick thank you to MyIncognito, for all the wonderful comments : ) I've really enjoyed them!