Thursday, November 22, 2007

Even numbers means team challenge!

Okay, so since I got a link from Blogging Project Runway last week, I want to finish this up and post it today. Plus, I'm procrastinating on my novel. I know, less than 5,000 to go and suddenly I'm bored again.

Anyway. This week Project Runway was about creating an outfit for Sarah Jessica Parker's fashion line, Bitten. First: kudos for getting a real icon this time, PR! Second: I love that it had to retail for less than $40. Expensive designer clothes tick me off. Plus, I think it's clear from the results that cheap clothes can look really nice. Sometimes.

Christian, I want you to repeat after me: Tim Gunn is always right. I will listen to Tim Gunn. I will not ignore Tim Gunn's recommendations. Tim Gunn is god. AND if this ever happens again, the judges will personally rip your lungs out. (Just kidding about that god part. No offense).

Yes, that's paraphrased from Babylon 5 but it fits. He keeps being told what he should do, and last time it didn't bite him in the ass. This time it did. And I bet it continues to. I also hated his little, "I want to know what Sarah Jessica thinks..." Oh get over it. Not everybody is going to always love you.

I do have to give him props for his comment that Carmen shouldn't feel bad about saying he should be out, because it was his design and it was his decisions. That's the same integrity I thought Daniel Franco should have been praised for in Season Two.

Putting that aside and talking about the garment: I don't like it. The dress itself is fine, or it would be on a girl with no belly fat whatsoever. I'd look terrible in it. But it was a pretty color, and it was nice enough. But the JACKET. I'm so confused by this jacket over this dress. It almost could be cute when paired with the right pair of pants. Maybe even with a cute tank top underneath and unzipped...

I don't know that I'd even call it an 80's flashback, because like Christian, I don't remember the 80's THAT well. (Though I did find some pictures in my third grade yearbook and if I thought that was fashion, I deserved to be dressed in burlap sacks, oi). But put together, it's a bad look. The styling as off too, but really, I don't understand the hair choices they make on this show. Those bangs, why are they in style again? I know, I'm biased against bangs.

Anyway, I do not think this should have gotten him booted though. It was well made, and it did look more than $15 expensive. So I'm glad it wasn't the end of him, even if I want him to get a comeuppance.

This is Elisa's outfit, made with Sweet P. And as much as Elisa confuses me ENTIRELY (who uses the word imbue? Really?) I wanted this to win so badly. Why?

Because if the whole outfit had to be under $40 retail, and it got sold by Bitten, I could buy that cape. I'm sure it would make me look like a three year old playing dress up, but I don't care. How cute is that cape? I love it! The dress was also nice, not necessarily anything to write home about, but just as good as the other top design. And I liked that it could all be done different and with little changes here and there. I love stuff like that.

If Elisa could be the idea person and somebody else the execution person, she could be a really great designer. Then she might be able to actually edit and listen when somebody says, "Don't do this." As much as she sounded kind of upset when she said she was just doing what they (Tim and Sweet P) said, and as much as I feel kinda awkward that it was compromising who she is, at the same time I think she's the type of person that needs that and could go far with that kind of partnership.

To be honest, I've got so little to say about this outfit. It's really cute, it's well made, it fits Kit very well. It's not a winner or a loser, and depending on how the top was done, I might wear it. I'd never wear those pants, because those only look good on maybe this model and Audrey Hepburn. I'm liking Kit more every week, and part of me doesn't understand it.

Heidi didn't quite get the words out before she was interrupted, but she was going to call this "homeless Pocahontas." And she would have been DEAD ON RIGHT. I so baffled by this outfit. The skirt looks like it could be cute, but why in the world did SJP pick this outfit to be made? I even thought the sketch looked terrible, and in the Tim Gunn's Guide to Style commercials they aired during the show he was making fun of a poncho with fringe.

The entire thing seemed doomed to failure, and that poncho is just ragged and unhappy. And her hair is pretty badly styled too.

Extra points though, because Marion also stepped up and said it was his design and his fault they chose the wrong fabric. I've been looking for this kind of integrity in Project Runway contestants in every single team challenge, and it's SO rare. Daniel Franco was one of the only examples of it, and he got blasted for it everywhere (including Tim's Take, which BTW should be existing again please). Thank you Marion, it shows you're a good person.

I think Stephen also handled his part of the runway questioning well too. The only person who didn't was Carmen, because seriously people, they ask this question in EVERY TEAM CHALLENGE. Please get used to it and be prepared. It is always going to be there.

Since I wanted Marion to be out with last week's dress, I'm okay with this one being out. But I think he was a good guy, overall. Or he seemed to be.

What in the name of heaven is that HAIR? I just don't get it, why would you do that to a perfectly lovely model?

Anyway. I don't like this outfit much, because I don't think it's actually flattering to a woman's body at all, and I don't think it would fit different sizes and shapes. Especially those leggings, leggings are bad on most of the population.

But it's in fashion, I can't deny that. So it fits, and it works for the middle of the pack where it was. Other than that, I have so little to say about it.

Again with the bad hair. What's going on in that hair salon up there? Also: didn't they specify that it needed to be a two piece outfit? I could have sworn that was in there somewhere. Was this actually separates? They kept calling it a dress.

I think it's a very cute dress actually, I'm just surprised because I could have sworn it didn't fit the constraints of the challenge, and they like to harp on that. Anyway, I like it a lot, I don't know if it would fit my body type but I would wear it. Again though, it isn't new or revolutionary so Ricky does need to step up and wow somebody soon. As much as I'm rooting for him, he's got to show some real innovation.

Also, those boots kick ass.

Okay, this vest was very very cute. You can't see it in the picture, but it had this adorable racer back.

The dress was boring though, and I'm so confused as to why this won over Elisa's outfit, unless it was Elisa being downright crazy. To be honest, as much as she talked about spit-marking (and that's the ONLY mention you'll get of that here because, ew) Elisa presented herself pretty well. So I really don't get it.

The dress seemed so simple, maybe there was something to it we couldn't see. Because that vest does not top the cape. Maybe the cape isn't as fashionable currently? Maybe I just wanted to buy the cape that badly?

I also very much object to the was large and distracting, much like the shiny flower last week. Almost nobody could pull that off without looking downright silly, I think.

So there it is, I agree with the decision to auf, but not so much the winner. But I do agree with the top and bottom choices.

That will probably be the last time that happens ; ).