Friday, October 05, 2018

#OpinionatedOctober - Fizzy Fairy Fandom Box

October 5
Fizzy Fairy Fandom Box
Subscription Box

I first noticed Fizzy Fairy Apothecary because she does some really fun fandom themed bath bombs and soaps, and I was looking for an Etsy seller that did high quality bath bombs that wouldn't ruin my budget. She definitely fit the bill, her prices are reasonable especially considering the enormous size of the actual bath bombs. I know it's a humble brag, but I actually have a really large soaking tub (it was one of the biggest draws to buy our house if I'm honest) and it just needs a bit more than the average tub. And I like bath bombs a lot more than bubble bath because it has a lovely scent and color, but none of those comically sized bubbles that just take a year and a half to rinse out.

I'd ordered a few things from her Etsy shop when I noticed that she had a monthly subscription box. Now, I've actually tried very hard not to fall into ordering too many subscription boxes after I finally broke free from Birchbox and Julep (both of those ended badly) but what can I say, I really love bath bombs. I can't remember what the theme was the first time I ordered, I know that was basically what kicked it over for me so it's a shame I just can't recall. Her subscription system makes it easy to skip if you're not into the theme, but I have definitely gotten the box more often than not. I think there's only been maybe two themes I didn't think sounded amazing. The only drawback is sometimes it's hard to find a place for that many bath bombs if they start to pile up a bit. Her themes are always fun (next month is the Wizard of Oz).

My favorite theme so far has been Labyrinth, not just because it's one of my favorite movies of all time, but because the bombs themselves were gorgeous and smelled amazing. Though there were some problems with the Jareth bath bomb and the copious amounts of glitter it included. I've had glitter bath bombs (even ones from Fizzy Fairy) before, but nothing compared to Jareth, drama queen that he is. So. Much. Glitter.