Tuesday, October 02, 2018

#OpinionatedOctober - Authentic Knitting Board 32 Peg Basic Loom

October 2
32 Peg Basic Loom
From Authentic Knitting Board
Crafting Tool

About a year and a half ago, I decided that I really wanted to try a new craft because I wanted to spend my time making things rather than playing dumb games on my phone. Years ago I'd read about "knitting boards" and I decided to give in. I got a kit from Authentic Knitting Board that included yarn, instructions, and this fabulous little wooden knitting loom.

I absolutely love it, and I highly recommend it. I've made a couple dozen projects since, mostly scarves because that's the easiest thing for me to make, but I've branched out some and I'm about to try my first pair of socks. I especially like this loom because it's small, and easily held, but it's perfect for making double-knit scarves with worsted weight yarn (and AKB has a ton of great videos telling you how to do it). I recommend starting with double knit, because that's what I did and I found the transition to single knitting a lot easier than others have said going the other way tends to be. Plus, a double knit scarf is very warm and winter is almost here. One hint: a skein of Red Heart Super Saver comes out to a great scarf length if you use the whole skein.