Sunday, September 04, 2016

Dreaming Tree Soapworks

I've risen from the dead! I know, this blog has fallen behind on my schedule but I want to get back into the habit so here we are just jumping right back into the swing of things.

I stumbled on Dreaming Tree Soapworks because another indie brand I like had a sample of their soaps and a coupon in my order once. And I'll be honest with you, I can't at all recall which one. Geek Chic Cosmetics maybe?

Anyway, I checked out their offerings and ordered some stuff to use the coupon and fell in love.

At first I was a bit cautious because to be honest, I just don't go for solid soaps and that's the main offering at Dreaming Tree. I've probably talked about it before, they're just not my thing. But if they're your thing, the samples I've had are fantastic, and I always end up using them up. The smell is always heavenly, and the sample I have right now (Every Flavor Beans) has this subtle shimmer to it that's really fabulous.

I go for a couple other things on their website, some of them you can see in my Instagram photo above.

Velvet Dream Scrub: To just call this a sugar scrub is under selling it. I don't even know how to say how fantastic this scrub is. I've tried scrubs from numerous national brand names, and none of them come close to the Velvet Dream scrub. It really does the job, it feels wonderful while you're using it, and leaves my skin super soft and smelling wonderful. She recently changed her formula a bit, and because I had some already I only just started using a sample of the new formula. It's in a scent called Bombadil, and was a surprise sample in my last order. It's just as wonderful, and the scent is SO good. I can't stand to get sugar scrubs anywhere else anymore, they just don't hold up.

Silken Reverie Luxury Lotion: This lotion is wonderful, it is easy to rub into your skin and feels great, it's super moisturizing. But that's not the main selling point here, the main point is that it smells wonderful and the smell lingers in just the right way. I have a bottle of Fires at Midnight, which is one of the best scents I've ever smelled in a bath product in my life, and I love using it because of how long it lasts without being overpowering or too much when you first use it. The only problem I have is that I wish she sold travel versions or smaller bottles, because I keep lotion in my purse and would love to have her stuff there too instead of whatever small sample I've gotten from Birchbox lately.

Magic Stick Body Balm: I got this because I was looking for something that might function kind of like the Julep foot recovery stick that I didn't like that much (bad package design) and I love it. I go for Pure of Heart, though I tried Yeti Foot first. I just like it being unscented, plus several of the scents have lavender (a scent I don't go for, long story) or patchouli which generally doesn't work on me. Nothing against them, just not my style. Pure of Heart is fantastic though, love it.

Mad Madam Mym's Bath Bubblers: I've only tried one of these, and I'm still really new to using bath bombs and haven't decided really what I think of them in general. The one I tried smelled lovely, and I'll probably try one again at some point. If you like bath bombs I'm sure you'll like them.

She's also included some of her soy melt samples in my orders before, and I did quite like them. I just have so much scented wax right now that it'll be ten years before I need any more, otherwise I'd fill up on those right now. Her scent formulas are just so wonderful, I've tried so many and they've been wonderful. I think there was only one I didn't love, and it was just not for me because I'm picky.

Be sure to sign up for her newsletter, she does sales pretty regularly and over on Facebook she will ask for input and advice on what scents people want in upcoming collections. The customer service is also great, there was a recent delay with shipping some orders that was entirely out of her control, and she more than made it up to those of us that were affected. I'm a fan for life.