Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Runway All Stars S2

I actually had ever intention of going back to doing my weekly recaps when this All Star season started. Why didn't I?

Because like last season, I was so bored. I know, how lame, the same excuse as last time! But I felt like I was watching the same show as last time so I was even MORE bored.

I don't know what it is. Could it be that part of the thrill of a season of reality tv is getting to know the new contestants? Because these people are already known to us, what drama are they bringing to the table? What are we learning about them? Aside from Ivy, I can't think of a single new piece of information/character development I got form anybody this season.

Maybe it's that the storyline is already obvious, partially because we know these people. I think everybody that watched any of the previous seasons knew exactly how most of the eliminations would shake out. Maybe you thought Ivy would go home before Laura Kathleen but really, what sort of surprise is there? Uli and Emilio were guaranteed final three, it's not even interesting anymore. I can't really come up with any "shocking" eliminations either.

There's also the small factor of the host. As I mentioned when I reviewed Hot Set, your host is going to make or break your show. And while I had no really specific problem with Carolyn Murphy, I just didn't really get into the personality she was presenting. Part of what makes Heidi a great host is that she's just a little bit wacky and always rather outspoken and silly. She brings a sense of levity to the show, and she makes you remember just how ridiculous the whole thing kind of is anyway. Murphy was being very respectful and professional, which would be fantastic in a lot of situations but doesn't really work for what I want Project Runway to be.

And let's face it, nobody else in the world is Tim Gunn and he's an absolutely vital piece to why Project Runway works. So any iteration of the show without him is lesser for it.

But yeah, to be honest I was so bored with this season of the show that I actually forgot to watch the finale and still haven't gotten around to it. I got spoiled for who the winner was accidentally and since it was so obvious and expected, I just haven't cared to figure out how they got there. Blah.

Then the new season of the regular show has already started again, and while I'm intrigued by a lot of the new designers, this team thing is not working for me so far. We'll see, I'll be trying to get back into doing my recaps again if life doesn't get in the way, but obviously I've already missed a week so I'll have to catch up.

Anyway, I really want the producers of All-Stars to sit back and think about the entire show before they produce another season. For one thing, Top Chef did one season that was an All-Stars season, not an entire new show. And it worked well, so maybe they need to think about that and just not do this anymore, but fold in an All-Stars season every five regular seasons or so.

Or just go back to doing spin-off shows. Can we get more Austin and Santino instead?