Friday, July 13, 2012

Supernatural Season One "Rewatch"

Like I pointed out last week, this isn't really a "rewatch" so much as a "I'm watching it for the first time." Kind of, I actually watched these episodes back when they aired, but it's been forever so I've forgotten almost everything.

Two episodes a week, first post was last week, check out the "supernatural rewatch" tag to read them all!

Dead In The Water: The thing I liked best about this episode is that it gave Dean a chance to do something, because the way he connected with Lucas was a great moment for him. Since the show has only just started, it was a good piece of character development.

As for the rest, it's a completely forgettable episode. Like I mentioned in my post about Wendigo, we've got another revolving door girl who shows up for one episode, flirts with one of the boys and is gone. At least it was Amy Acker, who is a great actress to be sure. But the point of her character was lost on me really. It makes me want to make some kind of graphic or something to start adding up how many women are going to show up just long enough to be in trouble and be saved by Sam and Dean.

The mystery itself was barely a mystery, and really predictable. Things definitely aren't looking up for the show at this point, but Sam and Dean are still interesting enough, and I know enough about what happens to keep watching.

Phantom Traveler: This was so unintentionally hilarious. First of all, new girl of the week! This time a flight attendant. I did like her quite a bit actually, but she's still the third in a line of random women showing up just to be a minor character, get saved, possibly help kill the bad guy, and go off into the sunset to never be seen again.

I'm glad that Dean acknowledged that he drives everywhere, and I'm sure better blogs than me have gone through to establish how much time the brothers spend on the road. Longer than five hours and I start to get stir crazy and want to harm somebody, so I have absolutely no idea how they spend five days in a car and haven't gone into the weapons to kill each other.

The effects in this episode are pretty silly, but my favorite thing is how absolutely impossible the entire story is. At first I thought the episode must have been made before 9/11 but it turns out it was a few years later so I have no clue how they thought any of these was even vaguely feasible. This episode exists in a world we haven't lived in since the 90's.

Also, did not help how uncomfortable I am with flying.

Eventually I'll be getting to later episodes that are more interesting and I have more to say about! The early parts of the first season is just so...formulaic.