Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Revenge or Why We Gave Up On This Show

Revenge was suggested to me by a lot of people. Being a big fan of tumblr, I saw a lot of gifs make their way around while the show was on the air. It looked interesting, so I thought I would watch it eventually.

Then I was searching for something to watch on the plane during that international flight I've mentioned a few times, and I didn't have time for another movie. They had the pilot, so I watched it.

The pilot really hooked me, I seriously wanted to know what happened. I feel like I've said this a lot lately, but for some reason I've been watching a lot of pilots. But this is a pilot that does what it's meant to do, it quickly establishes setting and character.

So my best friend and I decided to start watching the show together. It took us a while to get around to it. The thing is, for a while we were both still really interested in the story. I loved the way it was slowly revealing how corrupt and terrible the people in the Hamptons were. I liked watching this complicated plot come together.

To say that I "liked" the characters is a little odd. I found them interesting, I wanted to know more about them, but I thought they were despicable people. Obviously, that's what I'm supposed to think. Basically the only people I liked all that much were Nolan and Jack. But I found most of them interesting. They seemed to be multi-faceted and have really rich backstories.

But as we went on in the show, I just started to get grumpier. The thing that got me the most was that this was a show about super rich people, a world that I know absolutely nothing about and honestly don't care to. I can be a bit of a jerk like that, I don't like rich people very much when they carelessly spend money and are generally frivolous.

And a lot of the characters that I thought were multi-dimensional stopped really getting dimensions. Conrad? Stereotypical. Charlotte? Fitting more into a box every episode. So once they started a stupid pretend love triangle with Jack, Daniel, and Emily I was generally done. Nolan was still cool, but everything was getting so twisted and convoluted that I just started getting more cranky about it.

Then Tyler showed up and NEVER WENT AWAY. He was not a good addition to the story and he annoyed me more every episode. One of my big things is that if the plot of your story is hinged on a misunderstanding that could be cleared up in two seconds with a simple conversation. Not even an honest conversation! All of Tyler's plots rested on people not talking to each other, and then they did talk and then they never got around to shunning Tyler and telling him to go away since it was obvious he was playing some kind of game.

I was trying to watch the show without spoiling myself. It's rare for that to happen, so I thought I'd try. But Tyler pissed me off so much that I looked up to see when he went away. In doing that, I accidentally stumbled on a couple other things. I gave the show three more episodes after that, but I realized that I just didn't care anymore. I would rather read the episode summaries on Wikipedia than watch all these people make all these mistakes over and over again. I was done with them. This became one of those rare cases where I read a spoiler that made me so angry I was no longer invested in the journey to get there. So I switched to watching Supernatural, and I'll be writing longer reviews of that show instead, starting next week!