Tuesday, May 08, 2012

This Is My Spot

Like the rest of America, I went to see The Avengers last weekend. I'll review it Thursday, but I thought I would write about the actual experience at the theater for now.

Normally, I go to the movies at a nearby theater or not on opening weekend.  But we had passes for a bigger place at the mall, where they also had a 3D show and an IMAX screen.

We just wanted to see the normal version, but even so the showing we were aiming for was already sold out when we arrived. We got tickets to the next one and got food.

An hour before the movie, we saw a line wrapping around the food court. That wasn't for our show, but there was a designated spot for ours so we lined up.

Over the next half hour, about fifteen people came in to cut the entire line and join their friends who were already waiting. In one case, a single person saved a place at the front for five others.

I hate this. Call me old fashioned, but if you can't stand in line yet, then you don't get to. If you were already there and ducked out for the bathroom, you can come back. But your buddy can't save a spot while you all keep shopping.  That's just disrespectful to the people behind you that ARE willing to stand there instead of running around.

And don't even get me started on saving seats. One person can save one seat for something quick like going for popcorn or the bathroom. Otherwise you just don't need to sit together, get over it. You can be together by arriving together early, or you can do other things and take what you get. 

Thankfully, we still got great seats somehow. Check out Thursday's post for what I thought of the film!