Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here we go again

Okay, so now that I'm done ranting about hatred of Lifetime Television, it's time for me to get back in the PR recapping game!

I'm going to try my best to be brief. Each year, there are just so many designers in the first episode, I feel like I'll never learn all their names or get a sense of who they are. The first episode is always so overwhelming, and then with the change to L.A. and starting with such a big challenge, yeesh.

Plus, I'll be honest I've just gotten off of a very draining project and I've gotten very little sleep this week. So rest assured that I will be back in full force and form next week!

I can't say that I like Althea, but this is a good dress. It's not a great dress, or even an innovative dress, but it's certainly one I could see walking the red carpet. But it's not one I could see getting a lot of press either.

Can't say I like the feathers on the top, but that's just not my style. I'm sure some people would like them and could pull it off.

I feel like Ari wanted to be this seasons "loveable oddball" or something. Or maybe she's just really from another planet. But she just felt to me like a poor man's Elisa Jiminez. Elisa might be a little wacky, but I loved a lot of her clothes and I could see they were just a little outside normal.

Ari...Ari was different. In another challenge this could have been a weird but okay outfit to put down the runway. But a red carpet challenge? This doesn't even remotely begin to work.

That said, I still think Mitchell should have gone home. Ari might have been out there and just downright strange, but at least it was complete and she didn't blame anybody but herself.

I really, really don't like this dress. The top is a complete mess, and the bottom doesn't feel like it was pulled together properly. It looks like what I would come up with if I was trying to recreate something a real designer had made.

I can't say that I'm as thrilled with this as some of the judges. It reminds me of something that would have been made out of trash bags and curtains in one of the alternate materials challenges. But it was cute, and fun. I just don't really care for the colors.

I can't really see this on a red carpet, but I can see this on a runway at Fashion Week. There's something really nice and bold about it. I love the color, I love the statement it makes. I really would have picked this one for the win, myself.

I don't like much about this one. I like the color, I like that she made something short and fun. But the top is just too much. It's also just sort of "meh."

I find this dress very pretty, but something about it feels more bedroom than red carpet. I'm not entirely sure why, maybe the color? It also really feels like I've seen it before. It's extremely familiar, and I can't place it. Hopefully some other blog will figure that out.

I really don't understand what the judges saw in this dress that they didn't see in others that weren't in the top three. It feels a little too loose and free flowing, so it doesn't really strike me as flattering in the front. The back is, of course, more interesting, and unlike the judges I love the color. But I really don't see what they were praising on this one.

I love the color of this dress, it reminds me of Andre's gutter water dress. But in the end, it's another one that isn't particularly noteworthy for any reason. For a red carpet challenge, there were a lot of forgettable clothes.

UGH. When they first showed Louise, I liked her right off the bat. The older Hollywood glamour look is the kind of thing that I really like. But this? This doesn't really fit that mold. The top is rather ill fitting, so it doesn't do the model any favors. The color does completely wash out, and I don't know that the two-toned idea was a good one in the first place.

But the bunches on the sides? It reminds me of women tying their skirts up so they can stomp on grapes or something. What is this look supposed to be? It just looks odd, it's bunchy, and it's a bad idea.

I can't help but like and dislike Malvin so far. He's a little pretentious, but I don't mind that he's about rejecting some of the stereotypes that I myself am tired of. But this isn't a red carpet look. It is a cute dress, and I like it, but it's not red carpet material.

Mitchell does not deserve to be on Project Runway.

Harsh words, I know. But the fact is that if he couldn't find a way to rescue his garment besides giving up and sending his model down in a sheer curtain then he shouldn't be there. To whine, on the Runway, that his model was six inches too big is, in essence, standing there and saying you failed because your model was too fat and that you can't be held accountable.

First, why in the world would a real fashion designer take a set of measurements on a card in so much faith that they would do a design that relied on those measurements being perfect? Whenever I go to sew anything, I measure MYSELF all over again. I don't even trust my own notes from the last time I made anything because bodies are constantly in flux. That was a rookie mistake, and for him to be so indignant and rude about it shows that he not only has less skills than he should, but he has no class or professionalism.

He should have been sent home.

The top is very interesting, I actually would like to wear it myself, but as a separate top and not a dress (I can't tell if it is a dress or separates and I can't recall). But I think it would be more elegant and interesting with a longer hemline or pants.

I wanted to like Qristyl, I really did. Mostly because unlike most designers on this show, she's willing to make clothing for women of realistic shapes (though "Plus Sexy" seems patronizing). But first there was the name, and then there was this dress.

It's just...unfortunate. What's the worst part is that those two fabrics are actually really nice. If she had made something with less of the pattern, using it just as an accent, and that gorgeous purple, without that weird bunching in the front...well, it could have been something. But instead, it was this.

I like the idea of this dress, but it doesn't seem to fit the model. I suppose since they couldn't measure the models themselves before they got started that can't always be helped, but it just seems to bunch and fold in odd places. Otherwise, it's a great idea, a great fabric, and it's very nice.

I don't know what red carpet this dress is supposed to be on. I just know that I want a copy of it. I'm not sure if I could pull off that cape, but I love everything about it. She used the natural flow and fall of the fabric to make something cut, fun, and gorgeous at the same time. I have a feeling I'll be rooting for Shirin.

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