Friday, February 08, 2008


Before I get started, there is one thing to ramble about. I've said a couple times that I don't get why Tim Gunn keeps saying that this group of designers was the most talented.

He appeared on the Daily Show this week, and elaborated a bit: they're the most talented when it comes to execution and sewing. They are very technically proficient. I have to say, I agree there. They do seem to be accomplishing more and with better results in their time allotment.

Here's a flash for Bravo though: I don't care. I don't care if they could make me a three piece suit in two hours. I don't care if they can line a jacket in thirty minutes. I don't care if they've never seen an unfinished hem.

I want them to be ARTISTICALLY impressive. And those are two very, very different beasts. This batch of designers has been safe, boring, and I've seen almost nothing that really is going to become iconic. Think about it: Jay's Empire State Building dress. Santino's disastrous lingerie. Jubilee Jumbles. Coffee filter dresses. Teal wedding dresses with trashed trains.

The memorable outfits from Project Runway are not the ones that are made impeccably. They're the ones that are different, that show a great amount of creativity, of ingenuity, of insight and just DESIGN.

Christians fit last week, reminiscent of some of Vanessa's complaints from season one, is that "real fashion" isn't like the show. "Real" designers aren't expected to sew a garment in two days, in fact they aren't often expected to sew much at all.

So, in a competition that is supposed to be about design, how can you claim that being technically good, but not that creative, makes them "the best group yet?" They clearly aren't, I'm sorry. They need to be idea people, they need to make more flops that show that they were at least trying to be crazy. They need to take risks and chances. Universally the most interesting challenge this season has been declared the avant guarde challenge. That's because its' the first time this season they've really done something that was out there and not necessarily wearable, but at least interesting.

Okay, all that off my mind now, we turn to this challenge. To make an outfit for a WWE Diva.

Um. Okay? I mean, it's no more ridiculous than some things they've done, but still.

Okay, it's no secret: I love leopard print. I adore the stuff. I can't really pull off wearing it, but I love it all the same. So this was, very much, my favorite outfit of the night.

Plus, I love the hoodie, especially the fablous bell sleeves that give it a little more style and definition. It makes it more flirty and fun.

The criss-crossing straps are also fantastic, and a great way to add some detail to an outfit without loading it down with rhinestones or feathers. I just really love that kind of stuff.

The styling is also fantastic. I love the boots he picked to go with this, they're perfect. And his girl really worked it on the runway, and you can tell she really loved it. I'm not sure what the holster on her leg is, but it's an interesting touch too. It keeps her legs from becoming a big bare area.

I completely agree with this win. This outfit looks fabulous, and I'm glad to see Chris win one.

I know everybody loves this. And I know, I don't like Christian and that's factoring into my opinion. But I can't stand it. One of the things I like about Chris' outfit is that it doesn't scream what it is. Sure, you wouldn't catch somebody just running around in those hot pants, but I could see it being a costume for all kinds of characters. Trust me, you put an anime character in that, and the cosplayers will go nuts trying to duplicate the straps.

There are only so many things that Christian's outfit could be. And most of the ones I can think of aren't very nice. It reminds me of something, and I can't think of what, but it isn't a good association.

Also, I don't think it really displays much creativity on Christian's part. He's making variations on a theme here. Is his entire fashion week collection going to be "feirce" tight pants, short jackets, and skin tight shirts? I realize this is chaps with lace and such. But really, he makes tight pants and a jacket almost every week.

I'm bored with him. I do have to say though, his attitude this week was refreshing. Thanks for having fun with the challenge for once Christian!

This outfit is a very close second for the win, in my opinion. While I think the shoes are horrible, the rest of it is spot on perfect. The shiny fabric makes it the costume, and gives it the Diva attitude. But the design of it is very sporty and fun. It's taking something pretty standard and making it really sexy.

The criss-crossing straps are also fabulous. They showed some close-ups while talking to Jillian and I was fascinated by how well done they were. Also, I again this this outfit is more versatile in it's own way.

Fabulous job from Jillian.

I'm not sure words can describe what I think about the thing he made that poor girl wear. For one, I'm not sure it's the color that's so much the problem, it's what he did with that color.

Something like Jillian's outfit made in that pink? Could be flirty and cute. This frilly, uneven mess? The color just accentuates how terrible it is! I'm absolutely astonished that they didn't think Rami's was worse than Sweet P's. If Ricky hadn't made that horrible sack for his girl, I would be right now declaring that Rami should have been out.

It doesn't fit her, it doesn't flatter her. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how this came from RAMI.

I can't explain my innate "Get it away, get it away!" reaction to this garment. It's that bad.

Ricky, what good will you earned by not crying at your auf'ing, you ruined with your sour grapes complaining on the Bravo website.

He said (paraphrasing) that they wrestle in bathing suits, that their wrestling outfits look like bathing suits.

No, they don't, okay? Maybe, a long time ago they did. But look at what the girls were wearing when you first talked to them. They were wearing things more in line with what Jillian made. Plus, this outfit is not practical for wrestling. As much skin is showing in Chris, Christian, and Jillian's outfits, they were fitted so well and made in a way that they looked like they weren't going anywhere. This? This looks like the first girl she fought would grab that thin bit of fabric in the front, and yank her by it until the thing ripped in half.

But as much as this showed little innovation and not as much skill to make, there's the sack he made to go over it. First, why was that necessary? Because he had the time since his bathing suit wasn't that difficult? Second, it was ugly. It was poorly made, it looked terrible on her, and it was awful looking.

Ricky, don't whine about this. You lasted a lot longer than many people think you deserved, you got one win before you left, it resulted in your outfit being sold (and selling out literally within an hour or so), and you made it this far. Be a big boy, recognize your faults, and move on. Don't say that your outfit fit the theme when it so clearly didn't match anybody else's, because it only makes it more obvious that they understood and you didn't.

I really hope this Diva did her own hair and makeup, because otherwise, Sweet P...what were you thinking?

As for the outfit, I don't think it's as bad as everybody (Sweet P included) seems to think. I can see the Pin-Up influence, and I would actually think it would be fun to do a photo shoot with this outfit doing traditional pin-up poses. With different hair and makeup, of course.

Now, Sweet P messed up on one thing: there was no reveal. She said this Diva's thing is "Robe, and reveal."

Okay, then you need a reveal. However, I think she did the best she could after her fatal mistake: choosing those fabrics. She couldn't do anything with those fabrics, unless she mixed them with something else, that wouldn't leave her Diva looking like the alien princess of the latest Sci-Fi original series.

But in the end, I absolutely do not believe this outfit was on the same level of terrible as Ricky and Rami's. I think she just didn't make what her Diva would like, so she had trouble catering to the client.

I have to say that as much as this was a strange and nonsensical challenge, it produced more memorable outfits than most of the other ones this season. So in the end, I did enjoy it more than others.

The Fashion Week show was this morning! I'm not telling, but I've already read who the final three are, the information is out there if you like!